Scott Sowle Opens New Youth Center Amidst Redwoods

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Muir Woods founder Scott Sowle
05/20/2013 -ATIN – Top adolescent treatment program designer and entrepreneur Scott Sowle has opened a new high end youth addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab center in the middle of the famed California Redwood forests, the third high end California adolescent facility Sowle has had a hand in founding in his decades long career in the addiction treatment industry. Previously Sowle was the founder of Newport Academy, among the most successful new youth ventures in recent memory, and he was also instrumental in the founding of the pioneering high-end Mali
bu youth center Visions.

Muir Woods

Taking advantage of its location amidst the fabled tall trees north of San Francisco in a location close to the Muir Wood national preserve, Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services combines wilderness style activities with a strong academic program wrapped in a therapeutic milieu emphasizing strong individualized and evidence-based approaches – a vintage Scott Sowle gold standard youth effort. Working again with renowned addictions medicine pioneer Haight Ashbury founder David Smith – Smith and Sowle go back many years on a number of professional collaborations – the minimum stay requirement for Muir Woods is 45 days with an emphasis on keeping the programs as affordable as possible, also a Sowle hallmark.

Competition Intensifies

With CRC pushing hard to grow their vast presence in troubled youth care after the company’s poorly timed and very expensive purchase of the world’s largest teen treatment enterprise Aspen Education, and the success of Newport Academy in Southern California – not to mention the reemergence of the youth treatment pioneers who founded Echo Malibu and last year, post CRC acquisition and 5-yr non-competes, brought the new Paradigm Malibu center online – competition is clearly heating up in the high end cash pay youth sector.