Jerry Schwab on the Importance of Parity in Addiction Treatment


In this video, the CEO of High Watch Recovery Center says that parity raises addiction care to a level “where the provider for the person is making decisions that actually matter”

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For addiction treatment to be truly effective, it needs to be viewed in the same way as other medical disciplines. And that won’t happen until parity laws are vigorously enforced, says Jerry Schwab, CEO of High Watch Recovery Center, in this video from our Recovery Reimagined series.

To some degree, parity comes down to common sense. “The insurance companies can’t be expected to write blank checks, but I do think there are a lot of economies of scale. If you look at what is spent on a person over the course of a year from multiple relapses, and also rates that people pay, some of the rates are skewed.” He adds that parity is an important step in creating a system “where the provider for the person is making decisions that actually matter.”

Recovery Reimagined is a collaboration between and the National Association of Addiction Providers (NAATP) that examines what is and isn’t working in the treatment of addiction and mental health issues. The conversation with Schwab was facilitated by Annie Peters, PhD, LP, who is director of research and education for the NAATP. You can read the entire interview here.

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