South Florida’s BHOPB Opens Big New Residential Facility

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05/20/2013 -ATIN – As Palm Beach County Sheriff Chief Deputy Mike Gauger addressed the assembled at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ new detox/inpatient facility – a hotel conversion in the western part of the county – he reminisced about a time over 20 years ago when BHOPB was opening its first residential operations in a tough neighborhood. “We used to get a lot of calls around there, we don’t anymore as BHOPB’s presence and expansion over the years has transformed the area.” And in the process, BHOPB itself has been transformed into an addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab powerhouse with approximately 400 beds across all levels of care, easily one of the top five for-profit addictions centers in the nation.

$8M New Build

Nothing is more demonstrative of the new BHOPB, which began humbly as an outpatient operation, than the grand opening last week of its $8M conversion of a hotel property into a top flight, luxury detox/inpatient operation the like of which there are few to compare nationwide. In attendance were co-owners Deb Mullaney and Jack Coscia and a bevy of top local officials and regulators, including two county commissioners. The new facility will have over 160 beds and will be a men’s only facility when fully operational, according to BHOPB president Alan Stevens. Along the way, the original Canada Court location will become women’s only, with the former Florida Model ops becoming transitional living and other locations becoming lower cost in-network operations.

The Crown Jewel

Clearly the Crown Jewel of the new BHOPB reorganization – a reorganization that has the effect of basically removing the Florida Model entirely from primary care and moving those ops exclusively to BHOPB aftercare programs – is the Sea Side Palm Beach program, which has gotten a highly coveted zoning approval from local officials to conduct treatment on premise. Thus

From Left...Jack Coscia, Alan Stevens and Deb Mullaney
 Sea Side will become, basically, the only truly beach side treatment operation – a compound of a number of new and rehabbed structures that enclose a pool area – in South Florida, the nation’s largest “destination” addictions market. Located on the fabled A1A highway that hugs the Florida Atlantic coast, BHOPB will now have with Sea Side approximately 35 beds directly across the street from the beach in a luxury center with zero need to transport for therapeutics on the Florida Model, a facility whose amenities will rival any of the biggest private pay addiction treatment names in Arizona or Malibu – not to mention Caron’s newly opened super high end Ocean Drive Florida Model center located in Delray Beach, FL, just down A1A about 20 minutes from BHOPB’s new Sea Side.

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