What Can You Do If Your Mom or Dad Drinks Too Much?

Parents alcohol teens
Parents alcohol teens

Dr. Nancy answers question teens & kids often ask about parents and alcohol. We invite you to ask yours, learn, share and take hope in our judgment-free community

Elizabeth Wood

January 14, 2021

Dr. Nancy Diazgranados, M.D., M.S., the deputy clinical director of the NIAAA, NIH, offers insights, answers and hope with her been-there, expert answers to teens’ questions parents and drinking. Dr. Diazgranados has experience in clinical research, mood disorders, clinical pharmacology, and experimental therapeutics. Known by her patients affectionately as Dr. Nancy, she shares her expertise in alcohol use disorders and what you can do. If you have a parent misusing alcohol, Dr. Nancy wants you to know, most of all: their drinking is NOT your fault. And there is help—and hope.

Of course, we include Dr. Nancy’s profile on the NIAAA website! Here is the Alateen page that Dr. Nancy references in our talk. Additionally, we have Alanon slogans to help with hope! Elizabeth’s favorite is “one day at a time.”