Where to Find Help If You Feel Sad about a Parent’s Alcohol Misuse?

gratitude sad parents
gratitude sad parents

Dr. Nancy is back and answering addiction Qs by teens & kids about family members and alcohol or drugs. She offers insights  on gratitude, finding support networks, and how to maintain hope.

By Elizabeth Wood

January 14, 2021

Are you wondering what you can do if you’re sad about one or both of your parents and drinking? We put your questions directly to our family and addiction expert Dr. Nancy Diazgranados, M.D., M.S., the deputy clinical director of the NIAAA, NIH! Your feelings are valid, and being sad about your parent’s drinking is understandable; however, Dr. Nancy wants to make sure all teens & kids know the importance and the power of gratitude. Most important, you are NOT responsible for your parent or their drinking habits. And you can make a big difference in how you feel. Dr. Nancy offers how to get started on making things better.

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