Lazarus Letcher Talks Treatment Allies

treatment allies

Laz defines what being better allies in the treatment community looks like for them and others

By Elizabeth Wood

Teens and kids wanted to know what a better ally looks like within the treatment community. In this short video, advocate and educator Laz Letcher mentions the obsessive drinking culture and how it surrounds every aspect of life. Laz identifies how there is no escape for LGBTQIA+ individuals or teens and kids given that there are few physical spaces for under 21 events or safe spaces for people in the community. Laz stresses the importance of creating these spaces or making them available for people as a means of being a better ally.

Additionally, Laz explains how rehab centers do not yet have the tools and strategies to place nonbinary individuals. Treatment centers have the chance to make a difference, and Laz believes they can!

Laz is an advocate and educator currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Indigenous Liberation and Queer and Trans Studies. Check out their website for further information!

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