Laz Letcher’s Lecture on Recovery, Gender and Race

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Laz Letcher is back, and this time they delve into what the title of their lecture on recovery, gender and race would be

By Elizabeth Wood

To answer our Teens & Kids questions about recovery, gender and race, Laz Letcher examines the intersecting elements and proposes a lecture entitled “Addiction: It Can Happen to Anyone.” As Laz completes a Ph.D. in Black and Indigenous Liberation and Queer and Trans Studies, they provide insight into addiction as not just a white person problem, but an every person problem. Ultimately in this hypothetical lecture, Laz would want listeners to understand that finding recovery resources for people of color, nonbinary people and trans people is far more difficult—but that resources are there. They stress that making the recovery community more inclusive to all people is an important aspect of every person’s recovery.

Addiction can happen to anyone, and Laz wants teens and kids to know that there are resources available for trans, non-binary and BIPOC individuals. Just as addiction is an every-person problem, Laz notes, recovery is too!

Check out Lazarus Letcher’s website, including their written work and resources.

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