What’s the Connection Between Drug Use & LGBTQIA?

drug trans queer questions by teens kids
drug trans queer questions by teens kids

We find expert As to addiction Qs by teens & kids about drugs and alcohol use and misuse. No judgments!

By Elizabeth Wood 

January 14, 2021

Teens & Kids asked, so we are here with the answers! We turn to David Cato,  LLCSW, TCT, SEP, of Sierra Tucson treatment center with our questions on the connection between drug and/or alcohol addiction and being LGBTQIA. Cato has worked with substance use disorders, mood disorders, and trauma, and in this video, he shares his expertise in addiction, treatment, and trans topics. He promises there is hope and someone to care about you.

We work to provide resources that everyone can benefit from and find hope in! Here is David Cato’s profile on Sierra Tucson. The Trevor Project offers tips, help, hope, and a hotline for those who need it. Q Chat Space provides a safe place to connect online and vibe with people who share similar experiences to you. 

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