What’s Lazarus Letcher’s Favorite Inclusive Recovery Resource?

inclusive recovery
inclusive recovery

The QTBIPOC artist answers pressing questions from teens and kids about inclusive recovery resources

By Elizabeth Wood 

March 23, 2021

Laz is a transgender nonbinary artist, musician, teacher, writer and so much more. Laz gives LGBTQ+ 101 lectures, contributes articles to The Temper,  and sits down with us to answer all the in-depth questions teens and kids can think of.

Laz is studying for their Ph.D. in Black Indigenous Liberation and Queer and Trans Studies. Laz has dedicated their life to creating meaningful conversations that work to empower all people. They talk to TreatmentMag about topics like their favorite inclusive recovery resource, how to make recovery spaces more inclusive, and how teens and kids can get involved in recovery while they’re young.

Lazarus Letcher website—check out all of their written work and resources here 

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