Sigmund Software Acquires VersaForm, Focus on IT to Digitize Psych Practices

Addiction Treatment Industry Newswire
08/03/2012 -ATIN – Sigmund Software, which itself was just bought out a couple of months ago, has wasted no time implementing its aggressive new expansion by acquisition strategy into the fast growing behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment software markets. Last Friday, Sigmund reached a definitive deal to acquire Campbell, CA-based VersaForm with the aim of building a specialty provider of software that helps digitize the work flow of behavioral health clinicians – psychiatric and addiction doc practices, psychologists and private therapists, etc… Sigmund’s new CEO Phillip Turner, a successful Canadian specialty software entrepreneur, has formed an acquisition vehicle, called VSS Medical Technologies, Inc., in which he has placed Sigmund and VersaForm as the first operating assets. The purpose of VSS is to provide a launch pad for investment 
in the behavioral health IT market, a hotly competitive arena with dozens of players nationwide. Unlike Netsmart, the acquisitive BH software giant whose deals are designed primarily to acquire and consolidate clients, not platforms, Turner says his deals will be driven mostly by functionality. “We will be aggressively seeking to add functionality to Sigmund Software, which provides a top to bottom platform for digitizing the work flow of addictions centers and psychiatric centers,” says Turner. With VersaForm, which since 1980 has provided an ever improving product for digitizing the work flow of MDs, VSS will be offering a suite of products for the behavioral health practitioner . It’s a smart move considering that the recently Supreme Court blessed Affordable Care Act targets for expansion exactly these BH players -psychiatrists/addiction docs/ psychologists – in an effort to broaden the reach of addiction care into early intervention strategies.