Intervention Firms Have Big Biz Opportuntiy with Obamacare

Addiction Treatment Industry Newswire
7/31/2012 – ATIN – Following its stamp of approval from the Supreme Court, Obamacare, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act, now has a MUCH better chance of remaining the Law of the Land. And the thing about Obamacare from an addiction treatment, drug rehab and alcohol rehab perspective, is that a key aim of the federal legislation – which is expected to eventually run to 170,000 pages long!!! – is to vastly increase the breadth of addiction treatment’s reach into the at risk population BEFORE THEY REQUIRE HUGELY EXPENSIVE ACUTE INTERVENTIONS like detox and inpatient care. A major mechanism for achieving this, unfortunately, is through insurance payors, whose expertise at avoiding addiction treatment spending mandates has been the bane of addictions providers for over two decades now. (Parity still isn’t enforced YEARS after its passage.) But if we take a leap of faith that Obamacare will turn out like it’s supposed to, it is clear to us here at Treatment Magazine that a major business opportunity will arise for expansion minded interventionists and their practices. That’s because Obamacare mandates that insurance payors – and it will probably provide for more government money as well- to start reimbursing for things like prevention and early intervention. Interventions practices, players like Intervenion911 and many dozens of others that have populated the new Association of Intervention Specialists national trade association, Intervention 911are the ideal addictions entities to take advantage of Obamacare. That’s because interventionists have the major CLOSE ASSOCIATION AND LARGE CLIENT FLOWS OF THE FAMILIES OF ADDICTS. Now interventionists will have to spend money in marketing and outreach re-education of families. They are now mostly calling interventionists when, as portrayed in morbid detail on A&E Intervention, their family members are on death’s door. Interventionists will need to start showing at risk families the potential early signs of addiction and encouraging families to call an interventionist by showing them how A NEW $1,000 EARLY INTERVENTION ADDICTION TREATMENT PRODUCT could  potentially save the family hundreds of thousands later on. Of course addiction MDs, the medical specialists, are also positioned to take advantage of bigger spending on early intervention in Obamacare, and Treatment Magazine predicts that interventions practices will increasingly partner up with addiction docs. Addiction Docs will also likely be acquiring interventions practices, or interventionists will likely acquire addiction medicine practices. Of course it is early days in Obamacare, and all of this will only happen, as we said above, if Obamacare works like it’s supposed to, a big if. We will keep you posted….