Shari Hampton, Ester Nicholson on Positive Changes in Addiction Recovery

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In this Recovery Reimagined video, the two recovery coaches share some of their hard-earned wisdom and point us toward a brighter future

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Shari Hampton and Ester Nicholson are two of the wiser voices in the addiction recovery field.

Both women are addiction recovery coaches for SHE RECOVERS, lending expertise that has been built up over years. Nicholson is founder and CEO of Soul Recovery, while Hampton is founder of Shari Hampton Recovery.

In this video, they discuss positive changes they’ve seen in addiction recovery. Hampton says she’s excited about the “social media presence—the fact that there are so many platforms out there right now.” Nicholson has noted a movement where “people are wanting and needing to go so much deeper. People are asking to really heal.”

Consider the video clip to be a preview. On Thursday, you’ll be able to read the complete Recovery Reimagined interview with Nicholson and Hampton, as well as view more videos. The two touch on everything from the importance of hope to the need for racial equity in recovery.

Recovery Reimagined is a collaboration between and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). The mission is to interview some of the preeminent figures in addiction treatment, to draw out ideas that can drive the field forward. So far, we’ve had wide-ranging conversations with John Kelly and Matt Vogl.

Photo: Dayne Topkin