Gender Identity Talks with Lazarus Letcher

gender identity

The QTBIPOC artist discusses tips and tricks for teens and kids struggling with or exploring their gender identity

By Elizabeth Wood

In celebration of Pride, Teens & Kids welcomes back Lazarus Letcher, a transgender non-binary artist and educator. Laz provides helpful insights for teens and kids in discussing or exploring gender identity safely and comfortably. They have seen the progression of trans representation from “really bad daytime T.V. talk shows” to more visible representation. There is still a long way to go in terms of support, and Laz understands how difficult and isolating this may make some people feel. But Laz wants teens and kids to know they can seek out community— that “you are NOT alone, and it’s OK.”

Laz is an advocate and educator currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Indigenous Liberation and Queer and Trans Studies. Check their website for further information!

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