Texas’ Origins Recovery Buys Hanley from Caron

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12/19/2014 -ATIN – 
In a bit of blockbuster deal that has the potential to fundamentally alter the competitive dynamics of the key South Florida private addictions marketplace, Origins Recovery Centers of Texas has acquired The Hanley Center from Caron, turning a famous non-profit with a deep and long, and sometimes tumultuous, history into a for-profit with the prospect that Origins may make significant expansions and investments on large unencumbered acreage at Hanley. And at the same time Origins, which has its main properties on the beautiful  Padre Islands in the Gulf of Mexico in far Southwestern Texas, said today in an email to Treatment Magazine, it has has acquired property on the Padre Islands where it plans to build a center with 60 beds and doubling its capacity at its original location founded about seven years ago.

Rising Like a Phoenix

For Drew Rothermel, who is now CEO of Origins and ran Hanley for Caron and then suddenly in the spring cleaned out his desk at Caron in one of the most highly visible executive addictions industry news stories of 2014, he must feel like he is rising like a Phoenix back in charge of the Hanley Center he loves. Says Rothermel: “At Origins our focus is squarely on treatment excellence. To ensure that Hanley Center’s treatment meets the same standards that Origin’s key referral sources have come know and expect, I have put in place a new treatment leadership team … with Origins EVP Rob Park taking on the role of executive directorship at Hanley, Stephanie Smith as clinical director and Chris Raynor overseeing programmatic immersion in the 12-Steps. All come from Texas and are proven leaders.”

Origins’s Plans

Origins clearly has plans for the Hanley Center, especially for the unencumbered acreage mentioned above. Dr. Rachel Docekal, VP marketing and brand strategy at Origins, says that Origins will be making further announcements as these plans become finalized and fully fleshed out.

Caron to Remain  Player In South Florida

While Caron is selling the Hanley Center asset, it will still have a presence in South Florida through Caron Renaissance and the ultra high-end property Ocean Drive in Delray Beach.

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