Caron Building $10M Medical Center for Seniors

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12/21/2014 -ATIN – After the sale of the Hanley Center, non-profit Pennsylvania-based Caron that has been on a growth tear for the past decade approximately quintupling in size, will be making a major push to establish leadership in the treatment of older adults, by far the fastest growing category of those that need treatment and one in which many potential clients have very good insurance plans and large savings passbooks after a life of working. In other words, it is an ideal area for Caron to concentrate on, combining the fulfillment of its mission to help the addict recover that Richard and Catherine Caron laid out when they founded the center about 60 years ago. And also, focusing on a group that can afford treatment covers Caron’s financial back so it can also fulfill its charitable mission in other areas where the center has leading positions, such as adolescents at its main campus in Wernersville, PA and young adults, which form the bulk of the census at Caron’s big center Renaissance Center in southern Palm Beach County.

Dr. Jamie Huysman

After a long and careful search for a clinical leader for the older adult initiative, earlier this year Caron brought on board Dr. Jamie Huysman as the lead senior advisor for Caron’s Boomer and Older Adult Program, as the seniors initiative will be officially called. Along with Ken Thompson, Caron’s medical director, Dr. Huysman has already begun working with seniors at a unit on the main Wernersville, PA campus that has been dedicated to treating seniors. Already working closely with Dr. Huysman and Dr. Thompson is Dr. Barbara Krantz,  who is a former executive director of Hanley Center and was most recently medical director there. Dr. Huysman began his career decades ago as a social worker, working in the trenches and helping all those he could. In recent years he has more and more focused on helping older adults and seniors, writing extensively for specialty publications on senior care giving like Caregiver Magazine and And his most recent, and most important contribution, was to have been specially selected by the National Association of Social Workers, NASW, AARP and the Hartford Foundation to craft new standards for NASW in a paper called “Standards for Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults. ” In other words, Dr. Huysman has written the book on the very latest in older adult care.

Big New Medical Center

Seniors more often than not, especially those that have abused their bodies for years with mood altering substances, require care that is straight-up medical in nature, sometimes having very serious medical problems. Knowing this, Caron CEO Doug Tieman began to plan to build a medical center right on the Wernersville campus with the new center now the “cornerstone of Caron’s current capital campaign,” Tieman told Treatment Magazine this week.  The new 30,000 sf structure is expected to cost $10M, with $5M already raised and groundbreaking expected in June, 2015 to coincide with Caron’s key annual alumni gathering. “We expect to unveil artist’s renderings of the new medical center at that time,” Tieman said.

Sid Goodman to Lead South Florida Integration

Over a decade ago, Caron paid $5M to buy the Renaissance Center from founder Sid Goodman, a highly skilled clinician and very successful treatment entrepreneur, who will now take on the role VP of Caron’s still extensive South Florida operations, which include Caron Renaissance and the ultra high-end Ocean Drive Florida Model operation in Delray Beach. Goodman will be in charge of working closely with the older adult team in Wernersville to integrate the program into Caron’s Florida operations. 


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