St. Joseph’s Institute Expands Laurel Wellness Brand

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07/16/2013 -ATIN – 
Pennsylvania addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab St. Joseph’s Institute is expanding its Laurel Wellness Centers outpatient brand, opening a new center in Du Bois,PA and its first new location since therapist Jenny Sheetz founded the 20-bed center in 2005. On its website, St. Joseph’s somewhat plays down faith, but the center is considered to be among the most prominent of the rapidly growing number of of faith-based for-profit centers naionwide.

Mountainside Retreat

Located on a mountainside retreat in the central part of the state, St. Joseph’s is based on Christian approaches but from a non-denominational perspective and one that incorporates traditional 12-step modalities reinforced with extensive individual counseling. Home to world famous Caron Foundation, after aggressive acquisition and organic expansion now the largest private funded non-profit in the nation with $125M in annual revenues, Pennsylvania has recently seen a significant rise in the number of higher end for-profit rehabs – places like Clarity Way, Retreat at Lancaster and St. Joseph’s. Pennsylvania has highly favorable laws that benefit residents when it comes to forcing insurance providers to pay for treatment, with care decisions – whether inpatient or outpatient, how many days etc… – placed firmly in the hands of addictions center physicians as opposed to managed care or health insurer physician gatekeepers.

DuBois Staff

In addition to the DuBois-based staff, Laurel Wellness Centers will draw upon the Institute’s clinical staff of counselors, addiction specialists, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. “We are excited to be expanding our services into additional communities in central Pennsylvania,” Jenny Sheetz, chairman and clinical director of St. Joseph’s, told a local news outlet.


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