Recovery Kentucky in Four Big Center New Builds

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08/14/2013 –ATIN – Starting in 2005 as a multi-agency effort and one that has gotten strong backing from multiple governor administrations, Recovery Kentucky has blossomed into what is quite possibly the most dynamic and fast expanding of any state effort to combat addiction. In less than a decade, using various social services agencies as operational partners, Recovery Kentucky has built ten large gender specific addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab centers scattered around the state with well over 1,000 beds between them. And the plan is to continue to expand aggressively, with four more centers currently well along in the planning and development stage, possibly adding an additional 400-500 beds.

Vicious NIMBY Battle

A vicious and really mean battle has erupted in Boyd County with respect to the latest planned Genesis Recovery Kentucky Center, a very large $8M 100-bed men’s addiction treatment center development. The operational partner is the widely respected social services agency Pathways Inc. headed by CEO Kim McClanahan, who was personally threatened by a commissioner who promised to write to Pathways donors asking them to stop contributing to the agency unless the Genesis project was withdrawn. McClanahan has held steady in the face of the vociferous NIMBY opposition, as has developer Garry Watkins of the Wabuck Development Company, both saying that the proposed site is currently zoned properly for the Genesis Center and that they both expect the project to be approved despite the strong neighborhood opposition. None of the many officials from Pathways, Recovery Kentucky’s other facilities and Warbuck were ever even able to speak at a recent meeting, their efforts literally drowned out by the jeers and sneers of the hundreds of local residents at the packed to overflowing courthouse location.

Wabuck Major Addictions Developer

Publicity shy Garry Watkins of Wabuck has become a significant partner with Recovery Kentucky, which is based out of Kentucky’s state housing agency and began as an effort to aid and house the addicted homeless, as Wabuck has endured several grueling NIMBY battles in its efforts to develop or redevelop a number of Recovery Kentucky center sites. The Healing Place in Louisville is the Recovery Kentucky center upon which all others have been modeled, a four stage step-down model strongly rooted on Hazelden texts and the 12-Step modalities.

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