Palm Beach CEO Pulls Gun on Cops at Center

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09/30/2013 -ATIN – 
A South Florida addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab CEO allegedly pulled a gun on a Palm Beach Sheriff’s deputy earlier this week, apparently aiming a red laser gun site at the law enforcement official through the glass doors of New Hope Treatment Center in the wake of a business dispute. According to published reports, the deputy realized he was being targeted after noticing the red dot bouncing around on his torso and yelled “he’s got a gun” while diving for cover.

CEO is Arrested

Holding the Smith & Wesson .380-caliber pistol with the laser site was New Hope CEO John McCrodden, who was arrested and charged with felony assault on a police officer. A business dispute with unidentified partners apparently prompted McCrodden to change the locks at the Palm Beach center, which from its web site appears to be a relatively recent Florida Model operation, with two female co-founders listed, CFO Laura Chatman and COO Suzanne Madison. Police were called when the locks were changed, with the deputy greeted by a sign on the door saying “come in and get some,” the aggressive message apparently posted by McCrodden.

Cops Surround Center

Police quickly surrounded the Palm Beach center and McCrodden later surrendered peacefully, saying he intended to point the gun at anyone approaching the front door and therefore had no realization that he was pointing his weapon at a law enforcement officer.