North Carolina Budget Proposes Major Addictions Closures

North Carolina Budget Proposes Major Addictions Closures  E-mail
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05/30/2013 -ATIN – Despite in the economy’s turnaround, albeit a tepid recovery, some state budgeteers are still cutting back drastically on funding for addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab facilities, with local politicos calling cuts contained in the $42B budget proposed yesterday by North Carolina’s Republican-controlled house draconian and disastrous.

$50M Cut, 200 Beds

In all, the state house plan would close three facilities with over 200 beds and fire 300+ plus employees, with the most prominent closure being the Julian F. Keith center located near Ashville. In all $50M would be cut, but the plan would restore $30M of that cut to a different mix of community and residential programs. Says an Alderman from Black Mountain, NC: “I hope that you all share my concern about the loss of these facilities and the impact such closures would have. It appears that Western North Carolina is definitely in the cross hairs of the majority lawmakers in Raleigh at this time.”