New Luxury Detox Opens in Miami Amidst Capacity Boom

Addiction Treatment Industry Newswire
06/06/2013 –ATIN – A new luxury detox facility has opened in Miami, the latest addition to the booming market in new detox capacity that this year has gripped South Florida, the nation’s largest “destination” addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab marketplace.

Affordable Luxury

Looking to provide what he calls “affordable luxury,” owner and CEO Robert Niznik says cash pay rates will be in the $700 a day range at his new 20 bed Harbor Village facility, which accepted its first clients late last month. “The first class amenities, as well as the clinical and medical services we will be providing would justify a price well in excess of our cash pay rate given what I’ve seen,” says Niznik, adding that insurance will also be accepted at Harbor Village. “But our goal is keep prices as affordable as possible while delivering an experience and level of care that often costs a lot more.” A lawyer by training, Niznik is a highly accomplished entrepreneur having founded a successful Internet auction service for legal services called Schpoomkle, one of the few e-commerce concerns to achieve the status of a self-sustaining economically viable enterprise. And his Internet savvy will likely make him a formidable competitor in the market for for-profit addiction treatment services, where Internet marketing is often a critical factor determining success or failure.

New Capacity

Hundreds of new detox beds have opened in the South Florida market this year and last as the regional market’s top providers, players like The Florida House and Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, have aggressively added beds, as well as even smaller Florida Model operators that traditionally outsourced such services. The upshot is a tremendous amount of new competition for the existing stand-alone detox companies, veteran names such as Sunrise Detox of Boynton Beach and Summer House, also of Miami.