New ATLAS Platform Offers Personalized Treatment Center Recommendations

Shatterproof seeks to elevate industry outcomes with “groundbreaking” tool offering vetted results in six states—for starters

By Angela Zhou

August 26, 2020

In late July, nonprofit Shatterproof launched ATLAS, an online tool designed to match individuals to personalized treatment solutions. Named after an acronym for “Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment, and Standard,” this platform aims to be one of the first offering an individualized experience in identifying high-quality, vetted addiction treatment services. Shatterproof is a national organization dedicated to reversing addiction and ending addiction stigma in the United States.

After more than a year of consumer testing with over 8,600 patients, ATLAS’s services are now available in six states—Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York and West Virginia, with more than 1,200 treatment centers offered through the platform.

If you are looking for addiction treatment, please know that you are not alone. We are working to help you, and ATLAS is here to guide you.”—Shatterproof CEO Gary Mendell

Connecting individuals to the right treatment center for them is the goal of ATLAS, explained Shatterproof founder and CEO Gary Mendell. Based on his own hardships finding personalized treatment for his son, who struggled with both addiction and mental illness, Mendell sought to ensure other individuals and families can access the high-quality and informed treatment they deserve.

An ATLAS search begins with an anonymous 13-question survey for the individual, their family or loved one to complete. The tool then offers a list of facilities based on location, individual need and patient risk factors. Treatment centers must first be evaluated thoroughly before being featured in the platform, with steps including: treatment facility and patient experience surveys and health insurance claims review. Each center’s vetting results are posted on ATLAS and made available to the providers for self-improvement. Patients and family can access detailed information and read reviews to help them make an informed decision on the right treatment center for their needs.

“I want to sincerely thank you for making efforts to turn the tragedy of losing your son Brian into hope for so many others,” the U.S. Surgeon General and Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, M.D., MPH, told CEO Mendell at Shatterproof’s July online launch event. “Because that’s truly the way we can honor Brian’s legacy and really turn your loss into something that can lift up other people all across the country.”

The surgeon general also noted Shatterproof’s groundbreaking platform ATLAS is moving the treatment industry forward. “It’s important that we acknowledge people out there who are taking steps forward in something that has really taken far too long for us to recognize as a problem and even longer to try to offer solutions for… I look forward to hearing about your progress and the contributions this platform will make to our shared aim of high-quality,  accessible treatment for anyone battling substance use disorder.”

Plans are underway to include more states and treatment facilities. Access ATLAS at