Nation’s Top Overdose County in Big State TX Build

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12/26/2012 -ATIN – McDowell County, VA, is what the nation’s imagines as the archetypical rural addiction hub, with its declining economy and bored underemployed youth feeding a drug epidemic that has made the locale the nation’s top county for drug overdoses, mostly from heroin and “hillbilly heroin” oxycodone.

Tackling Problem

Until recently there was literally nowhere for someone in the throes of addiction to turn if they wanted out, but disparate agencies cooperated and in the last several weeks a four pronged plan has emerged that involves providing help for a wide array of help seekers. Everyone begins in the brief intervention and early screening location where the severity of the problem is assessed and referrals are made.

Construction Begins

Over $1.5M in funding has already been found and construction started on a 10-bed facility that will help pregnant woman get clean. A Suboxone clinic has been opened in the community mental health center where the intervention and screening also takes place. Tele behavioral health ties these initiatives as medical staff will actually be working hundreds of miles away.

Two State-Funded New Builds

And the county will be the locale for two major greenfield build outs, a new detox and a residential addiction treatment center, that will be regional in service and funded in large part by the state government. Requests for proposals are being prepared for construction and design, as well as for program initiation and administration.