Interventionist Brad Lamm Hits NIMBY Wall With Big Detroit Mansion Buy

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02/21/2015 -ATIN – Even in the struggling Detroit area, which has gone through highly publicized financial decimation and where one would think economic opportunity of almost any kind would be welcome, NIMBY seems to be rearing its ugly head once again in a proposed project by famed interventionist Brad Lamm who, according to published reports, has bought a big mansion built in the city’s heyday era in the 1920s as a bustling center of automotive innovation and huge growth. Lamm has perhaps understandably not wished to comment publicly, not returning emails or calls from Treatment Magazine, maybe not wishing to alienate neighbors and city officials as he perhaps seeks privately to negotiate an exemption to zoning bylaws in the area where the mansion is located, which according to published reports city officials have said are pretty strictly and clearly written to preserve the residential character of the neighborhood.

15-Bedroom Fisher Mansion

According to published reports, Brad Lamm bought a property well-known in the Detroit area called the Alfred J Fisher mansion late last year and has since, also according to published reports, sought to build some neighborhood support – despite Detroit’s problems, the mansion is located in a still exclusive enclave known as Palmer Woods – and official support to renovate the property and make it part of Lamm’s Breathe Life Healing Centers. That effort does not appear to be going very well and published reports say the neighbors remain opposed to the mansion being turned into an addiction treatment center. But that may not be exactly what Lamm is doing, saying in an official statement to the local press late last year that no treatment services would actually be delivered at the mansion, with those services being provided at a location nearby to the Fisher mansion. If Mr. Lamm is simply providing a community residence for those who share the disease of addiction, there may be very little neighbors or officials can do since it is well established in law the right of addicts to live together in community housing.

“Estimated Opening 2015”

Despite this, Mr. Lamm hasn’t opened in Detroit or had anyone staying at the big mansion despite the fact it was bought way back in August. This may be do to the fact that Mr Lamm is still renovating the property to fit its new intended use or maybe he anticipates legal trouble if he opens up. It’s hard to tell since he won’t comment. But so far all Breathe’s website says is that its new Detroit location has an “estimated” opening for some time this year.  Like some other well-known interventionists in recent years, Lamm has gone into the treatment business himself and Breathe currently operates centers in New York City and the Los Angeles area New York City .


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