Growing Frustration in Boston over Delays in Centers for City’s Poorest

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04/12/2015 -ATIN – After growing frustration on the part of Boston’s must vulnerable homeless addicted at long delays in opening a new treatment center for the poorest of the poor, six months according to published reports, local reporters said all was forgotten earlier this month as the balloons were broken out and a 75 bed mostly finished building on River Street was opened after the former shelter/treatment center in Mattapan was abruptly condemned by city officials. According to published to reports, the new 75 bed facility was supposed to be finished in November, 2014 but instead Boston’s poorest had to endure one of the city’s coldest and snow-filled winters on record with the minimal of services.

More Delays

The opening of the new 75-bed facility – which still needs vital things like security cameras and repairs to a leaky roof – came a week after city officials admitted they are months behind on completion of another new shelter on South Hampton Street for hundreds of homeless poor individuals who also lived on Long Island, according to published reports. And also according to published reports the city of Boston has not managed to find any space at all to replce addiction treatment programs that serviced approximately 150 others of the city’s homeless and addicted.


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