Florida House in Big Multi-Million Detox Capacity Buildout

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Florida House...pictured here is the JoJo's Cafe where clients and walk-ins from the community can dine09/18/2012 – ATIN – Florida House is adding a multi-million dollar detox facility directly across the street from its thriving addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab therapeutic community in South Florida. “We are busy changing the neighborhood for the better,” says founder and CEO Sherief Abu Moustafa, pointing out that the building where the new detox will be formerly sold alcohol and that, earlier, he converted a nearby notorious pill mill pain clinic into a luxury fitness and yoga center for his clients. Despite this, Deerfield Beach city officials offered the typical mystifying NIMBY obstructionism, according to Sherief. He fought and won, however, as have other players like Caron recently in nearby Delray Beach. “Instead of getting my cash legal fees back from them I just asked for two more beds on the zoning approval,” he says, adding though that, to please neighbors, he spent big on things like an $80K 15-foot high wall cutting the back end of the new detox center off from the residential area. After acquiring the property for $1.2M, the total spend on the 26-bed detox unit will be $3.3M, with the new center slated in open in December. 
Florida House has 200+ beds on a unique therapeutic community four acre campus in downtown Deerfield Beach
Florida House, which opened several years ago and has a highly unique three acre 200+ bed campus in the heart of downtown Deerfield Beach, has emerged as one of the most successful treatment enterprises in the history of the South Florida market and a highly significant player on the national addictions stage. (See our 2009 Special Report on Florida House) Other big players in South Florida, such as Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, BHOPB, are also moving to expand their detox capabilities and, like Florida House, they plan on marketing detox services to the myriad local Florida Model players that lack medical services capability. For years specialty players like Sunrise Detox of Lake Worth have had that market pretty much to them selves and now will face significant competition from the Florida House and BHOPB detox capacity coming online.