Ester Nicholson on the Power of Hope in Recovery


In this video, the recovery coach talks about the importance of showing patients that they “are whole and perfect and complete”

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Ester Nicholson

It’s no coincidence that an entire section of is dedicated to hope. The presence of hope is foundational to addiction recovery.

In the following video, Ester Nicholson, a noted recovery coach, speaks to what hope means to her. “I imagine,” she says, “that we start from the premise with someone who comes to us for help that you are not broken or damaged—that you are whole and perfect and complete, but it has been traumatized out of you.” Nicholson adds that it is the job of treatment and recovery professionals to help patients rediscover their inner light—or their sense of hope that they are worthy of ascending to a healthier place.

The video comes from a recent interview with Nicholson and fellow recovery coach Shari Hampton. Their discussion is part of the Recovery Reimagined series, a collaboration between and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) that shines a light on some of the most innovative minds in addiction and mental health treatment. After watching this video clip, make sure to read the entire interview with Nicholson and Hampton.

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Top photo: Kristopher Roller