Dissecting Different Types of Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment

The latest webinar in the University of Michigan Addiction Center’s “Mind Matters” series provides an overview of various addiction therapies

Does addiction treatment really work? What types of options are there for getting well? What are the best ways to receive help and support when you’re in recovery?

Anne Fernandez

These are among the questions addressed in the webinar “Addiction Treatment and Therapy,” staged by the University of Michigan Addiction Center as part of its “Mind Matters” series. “Addiction Treatment and Therapy” is presented by Anne Fernandez, PhD, who is an assistant professor in the university’s Department of Psychiatry and a practicing clinical psychiatrist with U-M Addiction Treatment Services. The bulk of the near-hourlong webinar provides a contextual history of various addiction therapies.

“Addiction Treatment and Therapy” is the second installment in the four-part series, following “The Basics of Addiction and the Role of the Brain.” Next up in “Mind Matters” are:

  • “Medications for Treating Addiction,” April 13
  • “Family and Addiction: “How Families and Friends Can Get Help and Support a Loved One with Addiction,” May 11

To register for the remaining webinars, which will take place via Zoom, go here.

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