CRC Health in Major Clinical Executive Hire

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02/13/2013 -ATIN
 – In a major drug rehab alcohol rehab addiction treatment industry executive recruitment development, CRC Health Corp has hired top clinical executive Dr. Deni Carise from Phoenix House, where she had recently completed a contract working for several years overseeing clinical functioning and developments as the public non-profit’s nationwide clinical director. With over 100 different programs scattered across the nation, Phoenix House presents an enormously complex clinical management challenge, with Dr. Carise positioning the nation’s largest public non-profit for the huge changes anticipated as Obamacare becomes fully implemented.

Big Growth Opportunities

Dr Deni Carise
Dr. Carise will be assuming similar clinical management responsibilities at CRC, reporting as deputy clinical director to Phil Herschmann, who is currently nationwide clinical director at CRC but whose association with the nation’s largest addiction treatment provider stretches back many years. Herschmann sold a collection of methadone clinics he had consolidated in the late 1990s to CRC founder Barry Karlin, a transaction that formed the genesis of CRC’s current position as the nation’s largest distributor of methadone with almost 60 clinics nationwide. In a grueling regulatory feat, Herschmann has gotten all of CRC’s methadone clinics licensed as fully functioning outpatient clinics in an effort to leverage the clinic locales into a line of business in which CRC had relatively little presence. With federal healthcare reform emphasizing the integration of addiction treatment into the primary care doctor’s office, pulling addiction care into the mainstream and away from its current “orphan” status, there will be tremendous opportunity for Herschmann and Carise to build a range of growth initiatives, not only using the clinics but also throughout CRC’s nationwide treatment asset base.

Addiction Power Couple

Dr. Carise is married to renowned addictions researcher Tom McLellan, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania’s Treatment Research Institute and a legendary connected Beltway insider when it comes to addictions issues. Together, the two have become a recognized addictions power couple, speaking out on issues such as treatment quality, the importance of adopting IT throughout the industry and many others. Last year, McLellan accepted the post of deputy drug czar in the Obama Administration’s office of drug control policy.