Christina Simos on Inequities in Addiction Treatment


In this video, the executive director of Friendly House says “there are racial disparities and health inequities that are rampant in this country”

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Christina Simos is concerned that the same standard of addiction treatment isn’t applied to everyone who needs it.

The executive director of Friendly House in Los Angeles puts it this way in a video: “There are racial disparities and health inequities that are rampant in this country. I feel that as a queer woman of color that it’s my responsibility to address those. Part of my mission is to make sure we have a culturally competent standard of care.” To learn more about Simos’ thoughts on healthcare inequities—and many other topics—read the complete interview here.

The interview is part of the Recovery Reimagined series, a joint effort by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and aimed at improving outcomes. Featuring conversations with preeminent figures in addiction and mental health care, Recovery Reimagined has addressed topics ranging from 12-step alternatives to the potential of VR-based treatment.

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We plan to publish our next Recovery Reimagined interview later this week, with Jerry Schwab, CEO of High Watch Recovery Center. Since High Watch is the oldest 12-step-based substance use treatment center in the world, Schwab feels as though he has a special responsibility as the center’s CEO. “High Watch has evolved over time,” he says. “We are evolving quickly now—in the last couple of years—trying to update our programs and provide people with the best services. We try to help people be successful and have a long, happy, wonderful life that’s free from substances.”