Cherokee Nation in $5M New Addiction Center Build

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11/06/2014 -ATIN – 
The Cherokee indian nation has opened a new $5M addiction treatment center in Oklahoma, according to the Cherokee Nation in a published report on Indian Country Today Media, which said the grand opening was held a few days ago at the farmhouse style new construction the published reports said is used for the center. The new Jack Brown Center is for adolescent youths 13-18 years of age and replaces the old Jack Brown Center that was housed in a 1930s building, with the new facility adding considerably to the Cherokee Nation’s youth service capacity with the number of beds rising to 36 according to the report versus a previous capacity at the old Jack Brown Center of just 20 beds, the report said.

Cultural Compatibility

Tribal leaders said in the published report that the Jack Brown facility held a unique place culturally for the Cherokee Nation youth, making it infinitely easier for them to confront their addiction problem. The new 28,000 sf of space now available to Native American youth at the new Jack Brown center, according to the report, is a major contribution to the continued future success of the program which in the past tribal leaders said was critical to the health and well being of the youth population it services. And now with the nearly doubling of the number of beds there will be that much more opportunity for even more young people to turn their lives around and to get the help they need. Since 1988, about 1,700 people have passed through the programs at Jack Brown, a service pace that will now be able to be increased dramatically much to the benefit of a Native American community that at times has appeared to be overwhelmed by addictive disorders, first hundreds of years ago with in the introduction of alcohol by Europeans and now by such drugs as methamphetamine.

Mostly Self Funding

The new Jack Brown center has been open and servicing clientele since late October, according to the report, the report also said that the Cherokee nation has been able to mostly self fund the new build. Jack Brown also receives Indian Health Service funds to help with funding the center’s continuing operations.


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