-ATIN- 05/24/08 – The chairman of the board of directors of Caron, the Pennsylvannia-based center that is among the nation’s most prestigious addiction treatment institutions, has wriitten an open letter strongly backing CEO Doug Tieman, and reaffirming him as CEO.

In an unfortunate incident earlier this year, one that gossip columns like New York Post’s Page Six picked up, Tieman was stopped for driving while impaired in Palm Beach, FL. This occurred only hours after Tieman had presided brilliantly over a packed fundraiser at Donald Trump’s Mar al Lago club, where the billionaire Scaiffe family, heir to Mellon Bank wealth, gave a $1 million donation.

Tieman is among the very top leaders of the addiction treatment industry, widely liked and looked up to by other addiction treatment executives around the nation. He also turned around a heavily indebted Caron in the 1990s, and the addiction center is now among the fastest growing top tier non-profits like Hazelden and Betty Ford, among others.

The open letter, written by Caron Board Chair Ben Zintak, follows:

The Caron Board, in the spirit of our mission and in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to Caron, has reaffirmed Doug Tieman as President and Chief Executive Officer of Caron Treatment Centers. Currently, Doug Tieman continues to be on medical leave until July 1st when he will resume his duties as President & CEO. Doug has completed a 6-week residential treatment program for addiction. His focus is currently on his family, his recovery and volunteer work. He is working with a sponsor, involved in aftercare, and doing 90 meetings in 90 days.

The Board of Directors is very encouraged by Doug’s progress, and is confident, that when he returns in July, he will be able to combine his leadership skills, that have helped to guide Caron over the past 13 years, with his newfound understanding of addiction and recovery to help lead Caron into the future.

I am frequently in touch with Doug and am happy to report that he is embracing his recovery, is most apologetic for any problems he may have caused you, and is anxious to return to the field and reconnect with all of his colleagues. After July 1st, I know that Doug will be in touch with

you. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. During the interim, Caron continues to be led by a very experienced and skilled Leadership Team, our philanthropy efforts remain strong, we’re having a very solid and sound financial year, and most importantly, our census and quality treatment program offerings continue to thrive.

I know that Doug would appreciate your continued good wishes and prayers.