BHOPB Developing Sophisticted Psychodrama Ciinical Capability

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07/24/2014 -ATIN – Psychodrama therapeutic technique pioneer Dr. Meg Givnish, working hard since year’s beginning with Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, BHOPB, therapeutic staff has developed a modern “Problem Solving Theatre” group of highly trained BHOPB clinicians who are becoming thoroughly grounded in the proven effective therapy while helping clients at, for example BHOPB’s Sea Side Palm Beach facility, get on the road to achieving long-term relief from problems ranging from working with their addictions issues all the way to depression issues, obsessive compulsive issues and other common “dual diagnosis” problems faced by those who have complex diagnoses that go beyond just treating addiction.

BHOPB’s Therapeutic Thespians

In the Problem Solving Theatre, trained BHOPB clinicians act out on stage common problems a

nd difficult situations that are often typically played out in daily life but that clients are not dealing properly with, often turning to mood altering substances to suppress the feelings brought on by the difficulties, as well as developing unhealthy depression and other mental health side effects in addition to addiction. Calling her group of by now highly trained clinicians The BHOPB Therapeutic Thespians, Dr. Givnish also says the Problem Solving Theatre is highly effective because clients in the audience can call on the “therapeutic thespians” to “ad lib,” playing through a problem with which a client in the audience in particular might need help. “We’ve developed a highly sophisticated set of therapeutics for the BHOPB clientele that proves remarkably effective in bringing our clientele back to a healthy mode of coping and living.” Dr. Givnish says.

Reaching Out into the Community

According to Dr. Givnish, The BHOPB Therapeutic Thespians have also been reaching out into the local community, helping clientele from Jewish Family Services in the South Florida area as well as working with local county agencies.

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