Why Do People Do Drugs?


A new podcast from University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services addresses that very question

By the editors of TreatmentMagazine.com

A new three-part podcast series—“The Science of Addiction”—featuring experts from University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services touches on all things substance use disorder.

As U-M Addiction Treatment Services puts it: “Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. The financial impact on the U.S. economy is staggering, but the human toll—the impact on lives and the lives of the person struggling with addiction—is immeasurable. Addiction threatens careers and destroys marriages. Even at its most basic level, any form of addiction harms a person’s health.

“Yet most of us don’t treat addiction like other conditions that affect your health. Addiction is often stigmatized or hidden. This may be part of why so many of us know so little about what addiction actually is, and how it works.”

The first entry in the series starts at square one: “Why Do People Do Drugs?” Led by Jonathan Morrow, MD, PhD, the episode focuses on the factors that drive people toward addiction.

The upcoming two episodes are:

  • “Alcohol Addiction”
  • “Helping Someone Get Help with Addiction”

The overall aim of the series is to deliver a better understanding of a disease that is, to a large extent, still stigmatized and mischaracterized.

The University of Michigan’s Addiction Center is a partner of TreatmentMagazine.com in working to improve addiction outcomes.

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