Rosecrance in New Unit Dedicated to Firefighters, EMTs

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12/06/2014 -ATIN – Rosecrance, a non-profit in Northwestern Illinois that has expanded rapidly over the past decade and whose roots go back to the very earliest days of the “progressive” social reform movements at the turn of the 20th century, is opening a unit that specializes in treating the addicted from the often high-stress dangerous jobs of firefighting and EMT, one of the first such specialized units to open in the country, according to Rosecrance and published reports. Among the “public” addiction centers – the distinction between “public” addictions centers and private non-private and for-profits is a distinction in the addictions markets that is rapidly disappearing and a trend that Treatment Magazine has been detailing in articles for years – Rosecrance is among the highest quality and best managed in the nation.

High Risk Factors for Addiction

Like police, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, BHOPB, in South Florida has one of the best specialized programs aimed at treating police officers, firefighters and EMTs are often working in the most intensely traumatic and dangerous situations to be found in human society. Can u imagine being a Chicago EMT racing to the nearest hospital with a shot up gang member teen and losing him on the way? And then just checking out at the end of ur shift? According to published reports about the new Rosecrance unit, which the reports said is being managed by an active duty Chicago firefighter battalion chief, the response to witnessing such sad situations on a regular basis can often be just to head to the local bar and start knocking them back in a desperate attempt to stuff feelings.

Good Business

While there is no doubt of the need for specialty programs and help for those like firefighters, EMTs and police, Rosecrance’s decision to focus on the firefighters and EMTs is good business too. Firefighters and EMTs, even in fiscally shook up states like Illinois, typically have highly developed union addiction case management and are among the best insured for addictions programs of any job in the nation and typically have no problem paying very good daily rates with plenty of inpatient benefits.



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