Money and Skill Partner-Up at Florida’s Comfort House

South Florida’s sober living industry is arguably the nation’s largest private for-profit transitional living marketplace – Southern California is a close second – with many players having over the last 20 yrs grown into quite large multimillion dollar a year operations. With the region’s closely tied housing market having roared back recently – home prices are up 25 percent in the last year alone – aggressive new real estate players have entered the market, partnering with sober living expertise to launch  new halfway house businesses. Among the most prominent of these recent joint ventures is Comfort House. On the real estate side is Ray Di Iulio, whose affable manner belies a razor sharp focus. Di Iulio had been scooping up undervalued properties and flipping themamidst the foreclosure crisis until he teamed up with William Dallas, a renowned and long time sober living entrepreneur. Through Comfort House, the two together own about a dozen sober living homes in a thriving business they are about to take to the next level. Within the next couple of months, Comfort House will open an extensively rehabbed apartment complex  with 50 units that will house 100 recovering addicts on a truly impressive property on Crystal Lake in western Pompano Beach. Already a force to be reckoned with, Comfort House will become, with the new facility, one of the largest for-profit sober living operations in the nation with an ability to deliver a standard of care and amenities that few other such enterprises can match

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