Daytop In Major Much Needed $4M South New Jersey New Build

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07/08/2014 -ATIN – 
In a much needed expansion of drug treatment opportunities for the poor in New Jersey, where in Eastern Pennsylvania and in New Jersey itself there’s been plenty of expansion of high end facilities for the well insured or rich private pay clientele lately, New York-based therapeutic community treatment model pioneer Daytop Village, whose efforts at building the model go back to its earliest days in the in 1960s and 1970s, is in the midst of a major $4M expansion of one of its facilities in the southern part of New Jersey where there are few treatment alternatives at all, and especially for the poor and desperate which Daytop has made a specialty of serving in the many decades the center has spent helping addicts turn their lives around.

Public Private Partnership

In a public/private funding mechanism, one that has always been around but is growing in popularity in state after state due the success the funding model has had recently due to difficulties raising needed funds in some states for public treatment ventures and expansions, Daytop is expanding substantially a facility it opened almost a decade ago in a town called Pittsgrove in Salem County. According to reports, Daytop CEO Jim Curtain says the expansion of the facility is being paid for by a $360K grant from the private Salem Health and Wellness Foundation which is being matched dollar for dollar by grants from the state of New Jersey, pushed hard for by state Gov., and growing national political figure, Chris Christie who has been a one of the strongest state governors seeking to find addiction treatment alternatives in lieu of jail and prison for non-violent people who have been caught by the police on possession charges. Earlier, according to reports, Daytop acquired a neighboring property to the retirement home for priests – many treatment facilities are striking deals lately with a shrinking Catholic church seeking to unload no longer necessary real estate holdings- with a $1.2M grant.

Serving 50 Residents and New Outpatient

When the new much needed facility – its need underscored by Christie’s personal presence at the recent ground breaking – opens next March according to reports it will have increased its residential capacity to 50 beds from 35 beds where teens can stay in treatment for six months and sometimes more. And even more importantly a new outpatient program will open at the same time giving Daytop the ability to substantially increase the 500 or so teens that are treated in New Jersey every year, CEO Jim Curtain told reporters. According to the reports, virtually all of the of the teens being treated at the new $4M Daytop facility will come from the seven southern New Jersey counties that surround the town of Pittsgrove.


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