Colonial Methadone Clinic Slammed Hard by Minnesota Authorities

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10/05/2012 – ATIN-  
For-profit methadone clinic operator Colonial Management Group has been slammed hard by Minnesota authorities as state officials there have pulled its Duluth clinic license in the wake of numerous regulatory transgressions. Complicating matters now, no doubt, is the news that a woman driving after getting her dose at a seperately-owned Brainerd, MN, clinic killed two highway workers. According to a Duluth reporter who called Treatment Magazine yesterday – he and another reporter have recently sought advice and information from Treatment Magazine while writing an investigation into methadone in Northern Minnesota – the woman had just been given a take away dose of 300mg and syringes were found in the car. Orlando-based Colonial is the nation’s second largest chain of methadone clinics, with over 50 locations scattered across the country. CRC Health Corp – which bragged in a financial regulatory filing years ago that its clinics handled TWICE the amount of clients than the industry average – is the nation’s largest clinic operator with about 60 locations. The methadone distribution business is highly fragmented with a total of between 1,100 and 1,200 clinics nationwide currently, up from about 1,000 eight years ago. Clients of CRC clinics have complained recently of relentless price hikes. Colonial has appealed its license revocation.

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