Caron is Media Savvy

There is little question, and Treatment Magazine has docmented it in recent years, that Caron has emerged as the most dynamic of the top-tier prestige non-profits, with strong organic expansion combined with smart acquisitions resulting in outstanding revenue growth to support mission fulfillment. And along with that has come an equally strong, well coordinated and quite savvy media effort to get the word out about Caron. CEO Doug Tieman no doubt understands it is not enough to be dynamic, but one must also be seen to be dynamic as well. One of the smartest media/ PR moves on Caron’s part has been the hiring of Chistopher Kennedy Lawford as a consultant. Just one example of why this is so emerged recently out of Lawford’s latest book, a collection, mostly, of celebrity recovery stories, as well as those of public personalities…and  that Caron COO Mike Early!! Probably no coincidence, but Caron is mentioned liberally throughout the book, thus solidifying for the public a connection between Caron and recovering celebrities. Caron pays Lawford five figures a year for his consultancy. There is a big connection between private pay flows and celebrity mentions, so Caron is probably getting its money’s worth.

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