Addiction Doc Charged Trading Sex for Subutex

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08/21/2013 –ATIN – An addiction doc was charged in a sickening scheme in which he ran multiple practices in Western Pennsylvania under the name Doctors and Lawyers for a Drug Free Youth and traded drugs like Subutex and anti-anxiety medication for sexual favors with women and for basically running a pill mill. Dr. Thomas Radecki voluntarily surrendered his license to authorities a year ago when his offices and home, which he also extensively practiced out of and allegedly encouraged his female clients and employees to use as a kind of sex commune, were raided. A grand jury handed down the indictment today after a lengthy period of prosecutors gathering evidence against the doctor.

$5M in Drugs

Officials said the addiction doc operated an all cash-pay operation and that $5M street value of prescription drugs were seized at his home in Clarion, PA. which is about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh. Radecki also secretly videotaped sex at his offices, the grand jury found. The 67-yr-old Radecki was the biggest seller of Adderall, Ritalin and Subutex in Pennsylvania in 2011; and in the first part of last year, just before he was raided and surrendered his license, Radecki was the biggest Subutex distributor in all of the United States, DEA data showed.

Sex Addiction?

There has lately been a wide and, we think here, moot debate based on some study from somewhere – frankly, we can’t keep up with them all – that claimed to prove there is no such thing as sex addiction. We wonder what Dr. Radecki thinks about whether or not there is such a thing, his life now a shambles and reading in the paper about his own downfall?


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