A Conference For The Treatment Industry

Thus, Treatment Magazine will hold The Addiction Industry Conference in South Florida next year. In our discussions with hundreds of top industry leaders over the last three years, we have come to believe that there is a need for a conference that offers not just a forum for top addiction players to meet and network, but also a conference that delivers an intensive curriculum that examines in depth the myriad issues and problems the industry faces.


Treatment Magazine, with its finger on the pulse of the industry, is uniquely positioned to deliver a a highly rigorous conference for today’s industry leadership. As we develop the conference curriculum, we will be keeping you informed in the coming months about who will be speaking and what topics will be covered. Of course, we value the input of the industry on what form the curriculum should take, and we invite you to contact us at Treatment Magazine – 561-450-5487 – to give us your ideas and suggestions. And, naturally, we hope you will attend.