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Ted Jackson

About the Publisher

Ted Jackson is Treatment Magazine's publisher, editor and majority owner. A veteran financial journalist, Mr. Jackson's work has appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the Financial Times of London, The Irish Times of Dublin, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Globe & Mail, Reuters and hundreds of others. Mr. Jackson was among the five founding bureau chiefs at Bloomberg News, setting up the Canadian news operation for feed into Bloomberg's global wire. A former bond trader, Mr. Jackson traded in London, New York, Tokyo and Toronto.

Booming South Florida Market
April 2006

In this our April 2006 issue, Treatment Magazine’s Special Report focuses on the venerable Hanley Center, which probably more than any other institution is responsible for the emergence of South Florida as one of the nation’s premier regions for addiction treatment, on a par now with Minnesota, Southern California and Arizona.

Addiction Treatment EBITDA Multiples
February 2006

In our Premiere Issue last July, Treatment Magazine asked the question “Is Industry Consolidation Treatment’s Inevitable Future?” It now appears, with very little doubt, that that question has been answered in the affirmative. Following CRC Health Group’s blockbuster $720 million sale to Bain Capital, announced last fall, big private equity players are examining addiction and behavioral health investment opportunities. And some, like American Capital, are stepping up and paying big money for premier properties.

It's Politics As Usual
January 2006
When we started Treatment Magazine and began our planning over a year ago, one of the editorial themes that stood out as a natural for a publication focused on the business of addiction treatment was risk management, the century old practice of insurance agencies and carriers working with clients to lower the risk profile of their businesses. These practices almost always result in lower claims, which means higher profits for carriers. In the end, though, the savings in practice are usually mostly passed along to consumers because competition in insurance markets is typically quite fierce, with carriers cutting prices whenever they can in order to keep existing customers or bring new ones in the door.
The Public/Private Chasm
January 2006
A couple of weeks ago I was astounded to hear the reaction of Tom McLellan, arguably the nation’s most eminent expert in the field of addiction, to Treatment Magazine after reading our first two issues that I had just sent him. “I didn’t know any of this,” he exclaimed. “I just didn’t know any of this!”
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