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The newly relaunched and completely revitalized provides essential journalism, resources, support, community and stories of hope for people seeking treatment, wanting to help a loved one, working in the treatment field, or simply wanting to stay up to date on the latest in addiction treatment care, solutions, medication, technology and innovation.

We are committed to being our industry’s No. 1, trusted, forward-looking and expert source of impartial addiction and treatment information for all. now offers all new columnists, long-form features, an essential 6,000-word Find a Treatment Center guide, inspiring Stories of Hope section crowdsourced from our community, and our national Find a Treatment Center tool powered by respected social-care network Aunt Bertha—for all audiences in the treatment community.

Our mission? To do everything we can to help elevate and improve outcomes for everyone in the treatment community.

Legacy and Reach

The widely read and influential Treatment Magazine was founded in 2004 and quickly became the No. 1 industry trade magazine, going out in print form to an elite readership of 20,000 executives and decision makers at U.S. treatment centers and facilities. Its related newsletter went out to a database of over 15,000 subscribers.

We have retained most of that base and are building it daily through our social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These channels currently reach our over 20,000 followers on a daily basis.

In the summer of 2020, we rebranded and relaunched to a newly expanded audience from our b2b core: now, all individuals seeking information and treatment for substance abuse, their families and friends who desperately seek information and support—in addition to our legacy audience of addiction treatment executives and clinicians have access to our content. We are a digital first brand to maximize our reach and segmentation opportunities to inform and inspire our audiences.

Our Audience Opportunity

Treatment Magazine is a leading strategic advertising partner for addiction treatment centers, insurance companies, technology and telehealth providers, pharmaceutical companies and any respected brands and services seeking to reach our target audience of:

Individuals seeking support for substance abuse: 24,000,000
Families and loved ones: Over 75,000,000
Clinicians, executives and decision makers in addiction & treatment: 200,000+

Advertising Opportunities



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Please call Treatment Magazine sales director Lynn Wood, 937-470-1795 or email

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Special Sponsorship Opportunities

Special Sponsored Opportunity: Treatment Center Spotlight Unit

Our popular “How to Find a Treatment Center: 6 Sections” editorial package landing page on

We will create a special editorial feature for you called “3 Things to Know About Treatment Center Your Name Here,” written by our special sections editorial staff. Each Spotlight unit will include:
• 00 words about your unique highlights, benefits and differentiators.
• up to 3 photos of your treatment center
• your logo
•  your URL that will hard link to your website, for tracking results
• contact information

Treatment Spotlight Overview
• Will live on Find a Treatment Center landing page on
• We write them, you review and approve the spotlight.
• Up to 3 photos of your center in each unit, your logo, your URL
• This copy will accompany each unit: “Specially created for Your Treatment Center X, by Sponsored Editorial Studio”


For more on dates and specs, call’s Director of Advertising and Sponsorship Name TK, email tk, phone number TK.