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Publisher's Note
Plug N' Play IT
Written by Ted Jackson   
June 2008

In a previous incarnation as a technology writer for publications like Red Herring and Telephony, I had the privilege to cover voice-over-Internet-protocol, VOIP, during Internet telephony's early days in the mid to late 1990s. At the time, the pundits were predicting, but it was by no means certain, that VOIP would sweep the nation as a highly disruptive technology in the telecommunications industry, bringing lower prices and greater transparency to consumers.

Later on, a few years later fresh out of treatment and having landed a little early sobriety job as the Business Editor of the tiny Boca Raton News, a report crossed my desk that got me quite excited. One of the critical problems with VOIP had always been that it was very clumsy from an ease-of-use perspective, requiring that consumers master specialized software while dialing in from their computer using a microphone. The report I read just after starting at the Boca Raton News was from a company that said it had taken out the clumsiness of VOIP, offering a "plug n' play" solution that let consumers just plug their ordinary phone into an adapter to enjoy the benefits of Internet telephony. I'm proud to say that I'm the first reporter to write about a then tiny unknown company named Vonage - beating the New York Times, which ran a front page piece on the company, by many months - that sparked a now famous revolution in the telecommunications world, prompting cable companies to challenge phone companies and bringing vastly lower prices and market transparency for millions of consumers.

I write about this here because we believe that Valley Hope Software may lead a similar, though obviously much smaller, revolution in the addictions industry enterprise software market, bringing a highly affordable "plug n' play" IT product to thousands of centers that heretofore could never afford comprehensive IT. And "plug n' play" Valley Hope Software certainly is. All consumers need to do to find out how much it will cost is go to the company website - www.vhaimcss.com - then go to the price calculator under "Pricing," plug in the number of expected users and, presto! you will know exactly the cost. Now, of course, there are many more things relating to Valley Hope's IT offering that are plug n' play and that relate to the technology itself, but as anyone who has dealt with the mind numbing complexity of a Sequest or Netsmart quote can tell you, the price calculator is a major consumer friendly advance. And with Netsmart and Sequest contracts - and, to be fair, many other IT providers - if the boredom of trying to figure out what kind of a deal you're getting doesn't kill you, the price will.

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