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12/20/2016 - ATIN - With its tough drug sentencing and long history of devastating and endemic opium addiction in the 1800s, one would think that China might have avoided the kind of OxyContin abuse outbreak that has plagued the U.S. in recent years, .

mundipharma_headquarters.jpgBut in China, due to skyrocketing cancer rates and a big increase in the geriatric age group, the powerful painkiller OxyContin is selling like hotcakes. And using the usual pharma marketing tricks to boost sales, the pharma that manufactures the brand is giving sales a lift through an outreach plan to doctors and even by working with the Chinese government itself.

OxyContin is sold in China by Mundipharma (China) Pharmaceutical Co, a local concern allied with Purdue Pharma, which has come under harsh criticism here for its aggresive sales tactics when it comes to OxyContin throughout the U.S..

U.S. Billionaire Sackler Family Big in Oxy

Both company's are part of a global conglomeration of intertwined private enterprises owned by trusts controlled by the the Sackler family, which Forbes says is worth $13B and among the very wealthiest families in the coiuntry.

And now that the reach of the painkiller widens in China, the government is facing the big problems and challenges that come with ever greater use of dangerously addictiive opiates like OxyContin, especially within its vast state-controlled health care system.

In a blatant display of medical and pharma manipulation, doctor training in China regarding drugs like OxyContin uses decades-old reports and research that then downplayed what are now known as the very high addictive risks of strong opiates like OxyContin. Chinese Oxy pharma Mundipharma provides financing for some of this training, as does some on the company's online platforms. This traing reaches tens of thousands of local doctors, often promoting the superiority of OxyContin.

Skyrocketing Synthetic Opiate Sales

While Mundipharma said in published reports that it did not prepare the materials itself, the company may have benefited from its participation in the government's pain management program. Studies on prescription data show that OxyContin sales soared in some Chinese hospitals that adopted the program.

Mundipharma says it has a 60 per cent share of the China market for cancer pain therapies.

In 2007, Purdue Pharma and former and current executives pleaded guilty and paid US$634.5 million to settle criminal and civil actions that said they misled doctors as to the addictiveness of OxyContin.

The above article originally appeared in Bloomberg News and was edited and expanded upon by Treatment Magazine.

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