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NY Addictions Nurse Charged W Raping Male Patient
Ace Adolescent Center Entrepreneur Scott Sowle In Expansion
New Designer Drug Floods NYC With People in "Zombie" State
Florida FBI Sober Living Task Force Strikes
China Oxy Experience Mirroring U.S. Plague
AAC Opens Detox, Residential in New Orleans
Employess Buy Cornerstone NY Using ESOP
One-Third Prescribed Opiates Become Addicted
Execs Red Flag Soaring Addiction Treatment Marketing Costs
New Clinical Tome Focused on LGBT Specialty
NH Joins Big Anti-Trust Suit Against Suboxone Maker
New Referral Agent: Your Local Police Dept
Surgeon General Issues First Ever Report On Addiction
RCA Scoops Up Additional $100M, $330M Total Capital Raised
Iowa's St. Gregory's Retreat Files Suit Against Wellpoint
Cinncinatti's CAT in $.5.5M Capital Raise
Austin's MAP Reaches Key Aftercare Data Milestone
NY Times: Opioid Scrip Writing Declining, First Fall in 20 Yrs
Retreat at Lancaster Founder in $12M Palm Beach New build
AAC California Murder Charges Thrown Out
Staff Shortage Crisis Leaving Addictions Beds Empty
Feds Seek to Spend Nearly $1B More on Medication-Assisted Care
Sensational AAC Murder Charges Could be Decided in Matter of Days
Valeo Resources Developing Into First True Addictions Recruitment Specialst
Maryland's Serenity Acres to Double Capacity in Highly Unique Property
NH Treatment Entrepreneur Plans Big New 75-Bed Center
NY Times Full Page Takeout Details Drug Scourge Rise
Kentucky Doc Calls For More Family Practice Attention to Addiction
Fast Expanding Sunrise Opens New Orlando Detox
Key FDA Committee Recommends Buprenorphine Implant
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