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The River Source Thrives In Arizona Market
August 2008
 A Naturopathic Approach to Treatment

image 1The success of The River Source in Arizona is proof that the path to prosperity for treatment centers often lies in finding very unique, yet highly successful, approaches to treating those afflicted with the disease of addiction. Located in the city of Mesa, The River Source is situated in one of the most densely populated areas for private pay treatment facilities in the nation, with such well known high end names like Sierra Tucson and The Meadows not far distant, as well as the nexus of affordable centers located in Prescott just a couple of hours drive away.

With so much competition nearby, differentiating oneself from the crowd can sometimes be a problem for centers, but it never has been for The River Source, according to CEO Phill Westbrooks. “Our naturopathic approach to detox and treatment has been a key driver of our success," he says. "Relatively few centers take a natural approch to treatment, and we do it very effectively." Strong out comes, and word of those strong outcomes from alumni, have kept beds full at The River Source since its founding about five years ago, with 60 percent of the center's business coming from local clientele. And with demand continuing strong, The River Source earlier this year embarked on a major expansion, lifting the number of its beds to 40, up from just 8 beds at founding. Realizing that alumni word of mouth might be insufficient for such a large number of new beds, Westbrooks has brought national marketing to bear, with the aim of lifting the center's out-of-state client flow. Behind the center’s success is the work of Dr. Chad Goetz, who directs River Source’s naturopathic approach to detoxification, which the center says is particularly effective in treating opiate addiction, especailly hard-to treat cases of methadone dependence. Says COO Jeff Howard: “The step-down detox process at most methadone clinics typically takes between four months and six months. At The River Source, we successfully get people off methadone on average in a period of between 30 days and 45 days, and we have gotten people off very high dose habits - 300 mgs a day - in as little as 60 days.” The River Source’s treatment product is a highly affordable one, with 30- day primary costing $6,000, inclusive of all naturopathic treatments, and 90- days of care set at $12,000. “What we believe makes our program particularly effective is the integration of the naturopathic approach - in which we replenish the body’s natural building blocks of vitamins, minerals and amino acids - with the 12-step model,” says Westbrooks, a former healthcare administrator turned entrepreneur. “The body gets the chance, through our naturopathic therapies, to return to a state of homeostasis - ie: equilibrium - and once that occurs, the client is able to fully realize the changes in attitude required for long-term sobriety.”

And River Source Adds . . .

A diamond in the rough River Source Treatment Center is a comprehensive holistic drug and alcohol program located in Mesa, Arizona, one of the 5th largest metropolitan areas in the country. With a staff that has vast experience and passion in the treatment field, the River Source focuses on healing the whole person - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our successful and unique approach includes treatment from naturopathic and medical physicians, licensed substance abuse life coaches/counselors, and a staff of caring professionals who themselves have decades of success in recovery. At our residential inpatient facility, we offer a 30 day (with a 60-90 day plus option) detoxification and treatment program with a proven track record utilizing naturopathic nutritional therapy, individual and group counseling, and participation in 12-step programs as well as daily yoga and meditation, acupuncture, exercise, and educational lectures and groups on addiction and recovery. We have recently added a family educational/therapy component and extensive aftercare planning. Our experience has shown that people benefit most from a multifaceted approach to treating their condition. At the River Source we find out what their individual needs are and then treat the whole person - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our fees are reasonable and among the lowest in the country. We understand that our client's funds are hard earned. The effective holistic model and low cost are what makes The River Source Treatment Center different and better!

At the River Source we provide:

  • Affordable Care: $6,000.00 for the first 30 days and $3,000.00 for additional months. Our clients Can receive 90 Days of Treatment for $12,000.00
  • Length of Stay: 30 Days to Six Months
  • Naturopathic Detox
  • Individualized Care
  • Licensed MD, Naturopathic Physicians and LPN
  • Integrative Medical and Holistic Services through our Naturopathic Clinic including acupuncture, acupressure and nutritional therapy.
  • Individual and Group - Life coaching/counseling
  • Fitness and Wellness Program including yoga, nature hikes, cardio and strength training
  • Daily 12-step programming
  • We teach coping skills, healing past traumatic experiences, stress and anger management
  • Family education and therapy sessions because we know that addiction impacts the entire family.
  • Immediate and long-term Aftercare planning and follow up.
  • Our clients may taper off of methadone and suboxone at our facility. We specialize in treatment of opiates, heroin, cocaine and meth addiction.
  • We use a combination of homeopathic and western medicine/methods.

Our dedicated staff understands the disease of addiction and we are proud to offer a comprehensive, individualized treatment program at an affordable cost.

Located in a charming, historic home in Mesa, Arizona, The River Source is a supportive and safe environment that promotes recovery. We are dedicated to offering our clients the opportunity to create a new and meaningful life free of drugs and alcohol. You are not alone, we can help!

If you or a loved one is looking for treatment for any type of substance abuse, please call now:




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30 days detox
written by Emily, September 15, 2015
May I have a 3,000 rebate for my out of pocket overcharges then please?
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does not live up to the hype
written by gyer, June 02, 2012
The hype is not exactly what you will run into. At the Casa Grande facility, the staff are young addicts with little training and in short supply. The facilities are lacking in accomodations for meeting rooms, acitivities and social space. Many of the patients are court ordered and they simply do not want to be there. This along with the very young age of the majority of the patients led to an unpredictable environment that was often out of control.
The billing procedure can only be charactorized as greedy and deceptive. The billing arrangement with Avee Labs has to be questioned. The Casa Grande facility is for patients with insurance. It could be concluded that The River Source has figured out a plan to bilk the insurance companies.
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